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How to use the Alliance Back to the Alliance

How to use the Alliance - Return to the Alliance

When browsing the AQMB, you'll find the websites listed in the following format...

Forum Name
Forum Homepage
Email Moderator
New Window

Here is a explanation of each option...

Forum Name

This is the link to the AQMB-Approved forum. If you hold your mouse over the link, you will be able to read it's description. Try holding your mouse over this link!

Forum Homepage

This will take you to the homepage of the moderator, if they have one available.

Email Moderator

If the moderator has provided it, a email address will be here so you can contact them directly. Please treat moderator email inboxes like your own!

New Window

This will open the forum in a new window.

Other features:

Alliance Chat: Quite possibly the finest chat we could put together.
Alliance Board: A feedback/message board for easy contact with the webmasters, also features the informative Alliance Focus.
Alliance FAQ: An indepth question/answer informative look at the Alliance.
Alliance Graphics: A resource Alliance Buttons HTML. Come here if you'd like to get the code for Alliance buttons.
Alliance Tips: The Alliance suggestions for creating a quality board.
Alliance News: Updated news on Alliance happenings.
Alliance Affliates/Links: We are running an active link exchange, and affliate program. Support us by supporting them.

Breaking the Language Barrier

The AQMB occassionally invites a non-English speaking forum to join it's listings. These forums can easily be interacted with by anyone who speaks any language if they follow these tips, and users who do not speak English can also use these tools to post on English speaking forums. Here's how you go about it-

1. Click on "English Version" to read the forum in English, if need be.

2. Use the links on the front page at the bottom of the left column to translate the entire AQMB and all the forums on it to any of those given languages.

3. When posting on a message board with a foreign language, use our Text Translator tool. Simply type your message in your language, select "My Language to the Forum's Language" from the pulldown menu, and press Translate. Then, copy and paste that translated message to the post box.

4. When dealing with users who are using these translation tools, keep in mind that these translation tools do not make up for being bilingual. Be sure to be clear and simple when using these methods, otherwise it may be misunderstood.

5. Remember to greet users who do not speak your message board's native language! Use these translation tools to tell them how to use these translation tools to speak your forum's native tongue if it becomes a problem. We want the AQMB to work independent of these language barriers, and encourage forum moderators to help out users who are having language problems.

6. Now that you know how to use forums in other languages, try it out by posting on some of these foreign language message boards. You may be surprised how easy it is!

Make sure to bookmark us, and check out the large variety of boards we have assembled for your perusal, Thanks!