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AQMB FAQ Back to the Alliance

AQMB FAQ - Return to the Alliance

Quick resource for the answers you need about the Alliance of Quality Message Boards

"Hi folks,

Just a quick note, on our way between point A and point B... I have enjoyed being a member of the Alliance because I have met wonderful folks, especially the Alliance coordinators who are very helpful. I've learned about interesting boards and topics that I might not otherwise have discovered. Also received great (and fast) help with the graphics setting up the links on my board, by the graphics department. The Alliance is a great idea. It's a great benefit for the board owners too since it brings more traffic."

Jenny, moderator of "Suggest a book, movie or music"

Why was this "Alliance" created?
  • The Alliance was created when it was realized that people were getting more boards on inside the web at a rate that is incredibly fast. You search through inside the web, and what do you find? Manson here, backstreet boys there, and pokemon everywhere! well, it was realized that the good boards were being lost in the shuffle, that new people couldn't find them, and who really has the time to moderate a board and look for other boards to interlink with? ugh. Also, there are other message board services out there, like Eleven O'clock forums, Boardhost, EZBoard, etc etc, which have Quality Boards as well, ones that can't be found on inside the webs searching system. All of this, including how generic inside the webs searching system is to begin with, made a problem for those of us that put work into our sites.

What is the goal of this "Alliance"?
  • Our goal is twofold. Our first goal is to drive hits to quality sites, elevating each other through association. Secondly, our overall goal is to create a community through this interlinkage. To create a web of quality boards that knows each other, runs into each other, and helps each other. During the first six months of this alliance, we've had good success doing this, and we hope for much much more. People by themselves can be a voice, a community of people can be a force. Adding to this, we also have long term aspirations in expanding past message boards, and into other genres. Just wait, watch, and you'll see.

What are some of the benefits of joining?
  • Easy. The first benefit is simple, exposure. yes, the beautiful E word, exposure. not only of your message board, but of any sites attached to it. Every new board we sign up brings a new base of potential visitors to your board and site, if you have one, and opens up other boards for your members to visit, and bring ideas back from. It's communism at it's finest! (heh, ah, never mind, skip that comment.) Other benefits include some very simple things, like the effect of just having a button that declares your board to be a quality one. Can't understimate the power of positive perception to a new visitor to your site. Other moderators to share ideas, styles, and tips with, along with other alliance services.

Is it hard to join, and what kind of qualities does my board need to join up?
  • It's not hard to join, all that is done is an email to the webmaster with the URL to your site or use the handy dandy Submission Form from the main page. After it's verified as a quality site, usually within the same day, you'll be emailed the HTML needed to put in your text area. After a quick cut and paste, you're all done. The webmaster will add your site, with a short description, (you can personalize this if you wish), and it's done. No long queues, no long waits. The Qualities that your board HAS to have are quite simple. It has to be well run, (delete the spam, or at least, make fun of it, if it's moderated, posts shouldn't be dumped all at once, once a week, and no real poster HTML disruptions of the look of the board. that along with a clear background/text difference is all that is needed). and topical. which means that if you have NO audience, that you at least put up a new post from time to time. That's all. It's really that simple of a criteria that anyone with 15 minutes every few days can meet it. What is scary is, that out of every 40 boards, only two are usually worth inviting, or good enough to invite, during our quality searches. We go through every board on the 15th of every month, any boards that haven't had a new thread in a month are erased from Alliance Membership.

What is the Alliance Focus Newsletter?
  • We've put together a newsletter for the Alliance... whoa, don't move on to the next question yet. It's not like the vast majority of annoying newsletters that are on a daily/weekly/monthly schedule. We only send out the focus when there is something to "Focus" on. The Focus will include news about the Alliance community, the state of Message Boards as a whole, articles on providers, and just about anything you would need to know to increase your moderating aptitude or posting acumen.

What is the Alliance Chat?
  • Bad chats are almost the standard around the internet, but we've got a good one, seriously! We've put together a great IRC chat that we feel, because of the options and features, is far better than a Eshare chat, Lycos, or Yahoo. We have scheduled chat times, good moderation and are basically putting together one of the best chats on the internet. We also more than invite board moderators and posters to use it for their own personal or group use, and we'll give you all the assistance you need for such a thing.

Is there anything else that I get?
  • Yes, there are other services that come along with listing. A pic gallery has been established for not only those that moderate the boards, but also any regular posters to those boards. We also offer original "handmade" buttons from our graphics department customized for your board. Once joining, you'll be contacted with all the info you'll need to make a decision as it's all optional of course, and if you decide to join the gallery you can submit as much or as little info as you want, even the pic is optional if you only want to put in info about yourself. We're also proud to offer HTML tutorials and message board tips add to our primary goal, which is to generate traffic for all of the boards that join the alliance. And of course, all of this entails as much, or as little participation on your part as you wish.

What kind of service can I expect once I'm on?
  • You can expect, and demand, the best service possible. We'll be coming up with new, innovative offers, services, and such from time to time. You can expect ALL of your emails, complaints, suggestions to be answered, with a quick response, and a personalized touch to the help you receive. You can leave at anytime, and all suggestions for new boards, as well as other awards that we will be giving out will be handled with the utmost respect. That is our pledge to you.

Anything else I need to know?
  • Just a few things, we here at the AQMB don't take responsibility for the content of member sites. We don't judge on content, or topic. All we care about is Quality. If there's a soap opera message board out there that is Quality, Great. If there's a religious one, Great. If there's a non-religious one, Great. We don't care about political affliation, race, sexual preference, religious preference or age. To beat a dead horse, we are all about Quality and nothing more. We are the only affliation out there like this for message boards (at least we haven't seen any), and it doesn't matter if there's 500 of these, or if we're the only one, we still strive to be the best. For news of the latest happenings around the alliance, check out the Alliance Updates page.

If you have any further Questions, or would like to see on the Alliance FAQ, just e-mail us at