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A link exchange program designed to benefit All:

Want to link to us and get a link back? Either link this banner to us in your links section, or provide a text link. Then email us and we'll link you back here.

Invasion of the Photoshop Freaks.
Want a good resource on the in's and out's of photoshop 5.0, then check out this well done site dedicated to being a resource of one of the finest graphics programs around.

Kimmy's freethinking site.
The site of "The Kimmy", a valued alliance poster, who coincidentally has a well put together site.

A science fiction and jack of all trades site. Many different listings and lots of science fiction material.

A list of Message Board Providers:
The Burning Question server has an interesting story behind it. The moderator at the burning question forum couldn't find a server to host the board, so, they decided to make their own server that will host just about anyone. If you're in fear of having a board erased, check out the BQ. The Boards are functionable, and secure. The only true forum that won't erase you. The AQMB has recognized the potential of this server, and is now working with it to make it a quality message board solution.
Anyboard has been in business for a while now. They use a common "open" style of threads. A solid company with no real problems that we know of.
Boardhost is one of the top tiered services around. Of all the services, boardhost is by far the most customizable. Boardhost's only draw back is that their banners are ugly, other than that, you can't go wrong with them.
Bravenet is a provider, however their boards aren't really high on the "attractive" or easy to use list. Not especially popular, but functionable.
Coolboard is functionable and highly customizable, much like Boardhost. Coolboard also features different styles of icons and optional "voice" posting. Not my thing, but it is plenty of others.
Looking for something like ITW? Then you've found It's like ITW, but is fully functionable, highly customizable, they have plenty of security for your convienence and also have a neat super easy text editor for IE users. Highly recommended, unless you're a satanist, or can't stop cursing like a drunken sailor.
EZBoard. Like the EOC, can't say enough good things about them. EZBoard uses the popular "community" style threading that leads to "Open" threading. The only flaw of EZBoard is that their advertising can be annoying, although there is a cheap way to get rid of all their advertising.
Internet Trash is also a good place to go if you're worried about getting erased. However, their board script is NOT pretty, at least to most. They and the BQ are the only two places to go if you're satanistic or highly profane.
Network54 is a classy server that is highly underrated. Almost no downtime or problems with posting, and has neat innovations like post scoring, and a couple different types of formats. Don't overlook network54 for more used forums, this one can stand up to any of them. is very bare bones. One neat feature is that your posts stay up for a long, long time. Otherwise, they have the "itw" open threaded look, and are pretty customizable. A solid service.
Voy is... well... voy. Voy offers a good service that works. I find their advertising ugly, but tons of boards don't. No flash or sizzle, but plenty of substance.

There is a scam out there that people should be made aware of, and it's perpetrated by people that misrepresent their service. If you are contacted by someone with a "" server and you don't know them as a friend, beware! You're probably being scammed. People with these servers sign up boards to NON-customizable, NON-secure, and NON-corporation backed forums. They do so because they have partaken in a free service from called " communities". communities is a GREAT deal, if you sign up for it yourself, or have a friend that has it. It allows you to do what EZBoard allows you to do, run multiple boards off of one script. However, it is not a "Server". You cannot customize the look of your board, control the chat, nor will you get any of the finacial benefit that the "admin" gets. There is a high number of people that are trying to make money off of good boards by misrepresenting themselves as a server. If you meet anyone doing so and they are not your friend that you know, do your best to avoid them and use real servers, OR, sign up for your own community.